Well my “vacation” started with an actual vacation :D
Right after Gamescom I traveled to Belgium to visit my family. Had a great time and went to the beach for the first time in 10 years!


Ahhh sweet sweet home. Finally back in my “office” after two weeks.

The start of the new semester approached quickly. In the meantime I visited a few events:
Swiss Game Academy” in Fribourg. A week to learn how to make videogames.
I gave a short SGDA introduction and took a look at the projects in the making.

Fantoche in Baden.
Another SGDA job: Moderating the game talks.
I also checked out the adventure games exhibition and went to the industry talk.

The SGDA Pop Quiz

Isa invited me to the Swiss Emex marketing fair
IMG_4996 IMG_4998 IMG_4994

And lots of other things…

All in all the lecture free summer months were spread like this:
45% Niche
20% Master Thesis
10% SGDA
10% Tower Offense
5% Playful Oasis


Aaaand we’re back to school.