Sunniest week ever

Theory lesson, you know the story. In the afternoon we worked on the school rooftop.

Spent the morning programming Niche on our balcony. Joined the “Multilinear storytelling” presentations of the 2. semester in the afternoon.

After a short mentoring, I headed out and looked for a nice place to work on my Master Theory concept.


ZHdK vernissage! Let’s go play ALL the games. The exhibition is open until June 13th.
All the games can be found here
Join the Presseapréro
Read the 20Minuten article


After listening to the short pitch presentation of the game master students I joined the Game Design barbecue. We played “Cards against Humanity” and it was hilarious!

Yield of this weekends comic market :D
IMG_4405 Kopie

Norwich Gaming Festival

Puuh, I’m quite a bit late with this one.
But I really don’t want to keep this awesome weekend to myself :D
On Thursday evening (9.4) my plane took to London. From there is was a 2h train ride to Cambridge.

Tom Kail, a good friend of mine and Playful Oasis member kindly hosted me for the whole stay. Thank you so much!
Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-27 um 14.33.44 Kopie
So, in the next morning Tom and me headed over to the Norwich Gaming Festival.
The festival took place at “the Forum”, that huge thing over there!

After a bit of tinkering, the Niche booth was all setup.

The festival started to fill up with more and more people.
A lot of families with small children attended the festival, so I spent most of the weekend explaining genetics to kids. Some of them played the game for over an hour!
And this mom played the game with her daughter for 3 hours in total! (They went to have lunch inbetween).
We even setup a little highscore display. The top record was 76 days, achieved by a 9 year old boy :D

There were lots of other cool games at the festival. On Sunday I took the time to play them ALL.
And this is my favorite! A 1-4 players collaborative kitchen simulator, called Overcooked.

In the evening, we hung out with fellow developers. We had a great time playing and inventing strange games.
Was great meeting you all! I’ll never forget the strange letter we wrote together xD

In the blink of an eye, the weekend was over and I had to say goodbye to my new friends.
Goodbye everyone, we’ll meet again for sure!

Being back in London, I had to wait for my plane.
I took a little walk around and visited the Harry Potter store at platform 9 3/4, Kings Cross.
Aaaand I’m back home again :)

Playing, talking, listening

In the morning I joined Diego and René for another playtesting session. Diego reworked the card layout and a few mechanics. I think the game is  more understandable now :)


After lunch, Martina, Alice and me met up with Nora from the NZZ campus magazine for a quick interview. We had a funny conversation/discussion on the roof-deck :)

At the incubator it was all about financing models today. Was nice to see examples from other fields and I learned about some new cultural funding institutions.


Pitch training

The Fantasy Basel and the Swiss Online Marketing Expo are coming closer and closer. That means lots of stuff to organize for the SGDA :)
I used Mail Chimp for the first time and like it a lot! Makes sending out mails to many people easier and is pretty intuitive.

After lunch I joined Robin and Dominic at the Capsule Games office. The day was mostly spent preparing the Pro Helvetia “Call for projects” pitches for Niche and Tower Offense. And then is was time!
At 19:00 we headed over to the ZHdK to pitch our games to the other finalists. Livio had the idea to practice our pitches together so that we’re well prepared for the real deal next Wednesday. So we listened to each other, simulated the question and answer session and gave feedback. Helped a lot, thanks everyone!

IMG_3366 IMG_3362