Last week of the semester!

Monday / Tuesday:
On Monday, Tuesday as well as Wednesday, I attended the final presentations of the Game Design Bachelor and Master students.
After the presentations on Wednesday, I took the train to Lausanne to attend the local gamedev meetup. I talked briefly about the SGDA and our engagement at the Fantasy Basel.

On Thursday the ZHdK press apero and Sommerfest took place. After some walking around and listening we all enjoyed the various offers of free food.
On the very last day of the semester, the Incubator organised a pitching session. Swisscom and other big companies were present to listen to our pitches.

Well, that concludes the first semester of my master studies!
I’ll be spending the next weeks working on Niche – a genetics survival game intensively :)

Tower Offense & Incubator Scouting

A regular day at your local Capsule Games office ;)
Robin & Gian visited the University Basel in the morning to talk about a cooperation. More infos about that next Tuesday :D
I spent the day signing up for festivals, managing our playtester group, answering mails, preparing for the Fantasy Basel exhibition and so on.

Also: The ZHdK Incubator wants to run a pitching session together with Swisscom. I’ve been running around looking for interesting projects all week. Stay tunned!

Pitch training

In the morning we analysed the mechanics of Tennis for Two, the first videogame of history. I was a bit too quick to say that I understand how the mechanics work and our teacher René punished me by making me the others playball ;)
(Pictures says it all)


After that we analysed the ETH game projects. Taking on another groups project, we had to come up with level designs and alternative concepts and present them.

After the pitch training for the “Call for projects” last week, we decided that we want to run a second round. The ZHdK Incubator was so kind to offer us their office space, listen to our presentations and provide us with feedback. The event was entierly open to the public and we had quite a few guests. Now I feel well prepared!

IMG_3437 IMG_3435

Kairos Playtesting & Niche movement rework

The day started of with a theory input lesson by our teacher Ulrich. For me it was mostely repetition but I think the new students learned a lot.
In th afternoon we playtested Diego’s boardgame “Kairos”. We gave him LOTS of feedback, let’s see wath he’ll make out of it ;)


After the testing session I headed over to the Inkubator for our first monthly meetup. There were only few people present, so we discussed our progressions and gave each other feedback for improvements. I mostely talked with Ettore, who is building up his business ROBBIANI, about web design and brand identity.

Late at night the urge to work on Niche overcame me. I decided to try out a different approach for the movement inputs.


Finding a job in game marketing and Pitching

In the morning I spent some time looking up upcoming festivals and events and shared them around. I also tried to gather ideas for the upcoming Koboldgames marketing, but my head played tricks on me. Really need to start working harder on that soon!

After lunch I metup with Cynthia at the ZHdK. Cynthia has worked in the advertising industry for several years and got bored with it recently. She now wants to find a job in game marketing and asked me for advise (as if I knew xD).
Alice joined us as Ubisoft came into discussion. We talked over different options together and found that staying in Switzerland was not one of them. Working at Blizzard would make Cynthias dream come true, but she’s also fine with starting smaller, with an internship at a medium-sized studio for example. Alice had the GREAT idea to just look all the contacts up in the latest Keyplayers magazine. Now Cynthia has a LOT of emails to write :D

*Random page of Keyplayers magazine*


Later in the afternoon I headed over to the Inkubator for a lesson in marketing & communication. Daniel Frei joined the event as an external mentor. We had to pitch our concepts again, this times focusing on the lesson topic. It went quite well and motivated me to work on the game even harder >=)

Tower Offense Tournament!

The printers shop seems to become my second home. Went there in the morning to fetch some Tower Offense material.


After a quick lunch I headed over to the Inkubator to discuss my goals and milestones for the coming semester. Here they are:

01.05: Research Swiss Game Industry – list of studios, individuals, activists, possible investores, sales numbers…
01.06: Research German & Austrian games industry – possible learnings
01.08: Analyse successful games and develop marketing startegies for Niche, Tower Offense and Koboldgames

Back the the ZHdK we had a meeting and long discussion about the future of the gameZfestival and possible cooperations. The meeting was so long I actually was late for our exhibition at the Spielhalle Oslo in Basel. Luckily, Robin went ahead and prepared everything. Thanks Robin :D
Our friends from Team Schlicht were also presenting their game, Schlicht.

IMG_2946 IMG_2937

Actually, we weren’t just exhibiting, we also hosted a Tower Offense Tournament! The first and second place received a card, signed by our team and a gift coupon for a game shop. Watching the tournament was great fun. Even completely new players can have very exiting matches, as long as they’re leveled evenly. We definetly have to do this again soon!

IMG_2928 IMG_2925 IMG_2921

The Spielhalle Oslo will be open from March – May, everyday from 14:00 – 19:00.
Every Friday they host an event. Here are the next ones:

Fr. 14. March: Webilea@Spielhalle Oslo
Game Design Workshop. Sign up on

Fr. 20. March: Winters letzte Tage, interactive concert with Dragica Kahlina (Eigenharp / Livecoding)

Fr. 27. March: Bring and play your own video games / consoles

And! You can also host your own events there! So let them know if you have any ideas :)

IMG_2929 IMG_2930 IMG_2933

SRF cooperation & First Inkubator lessons

Today, the second part of our SRF cooperation took place. We all had to present our concepts that we started developing the week before. Our team: René Krebs, David Krummenacher and me. Our concept made it to the next round! Let’s see what happens now :)
Thanks Noël Wierema for creating our mockup!


In the afternoon I flited over to the Inkubator to join my very first lesson. I was expecting a chilled afternoon, quietly listening to an input about Businessmodels. I was wrong. All the Incubatees had to present their projects and answer the following questions:
– What am I doing?
– Who is my customer and what is my USP?
– How do I achieve my goal?
– How do I earn money?
– Who is my team?
– What’s the current state of the project?
“Ok people, 10 minutes to prepare your presentation, then we’ll start”. Just sitting there, completly unprepared, trying not to freak out, I decided to just talk and explain my project a bit. The resonance was pretty good (to my relief) and we kept discussing the Swiss (games) industry for quite a while.
Here you see two  of the other project pitches of Konzertschneiderei and WormUp. I’m a big fan of OpinionGames, a game series for political opinion making.

IMG_2870 IMG_2873

I was also running around, organizing stuff for the Tower Offense tournament tomorrow at the Spielhalle Oslo in Basel. You’re all very welcome to join and participate in the tournament! You’ll see more of that tomorrow :D

I waaannaaa be at GDC

Here I am, sitting in a classroom listening to a lesson about scientific writting. That’s nice and all but I feel that I should be somewhere else right now. I should be at the GDC! Meeting lots of fellow game developers from all over the world, networking, making friends. This feeling will be haunting me the whole week I guess, until the GDC is over. Next year, I’ll go there FOR SURE!
Well, dispite all the daydreaming the writing lesson was pretty decent. We even got to draw a bit :D


In the afternoon I headed over to the Inkubator for our Kick-Off meeting. All the Incubatees gathered to welcome the newcomers (including me) and everyone explained their projects briefly. My first semester in the Inkubator will be spent on gathering data about the Swiss games industry. Let me know if you want to help with that :)


I almost missed the deadline for the “Call for Transmedia Projects“.
There is an idea that has been floating around in my head for a while. If you take Niche and add a functionality to trade animals, you could simulate a fictional species, living in the internet. In the beginning only a few animals will be given to players (ex. 100 total). The players can then breed them and send them to friends. Animals can die (as they do in Niche) because of hunger, events, old age and so on. If all animals die, the game is over, FOR EVER! The species has become extinct and the game can never be played again.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-03 um 00.54.30

Presentations all day

Presentation day! All game design master students (1. & 3. semester) had to present their projects today. For the 3. semester this meant showing us what they worked on the last two semesters and their final goals until their graduation. Here we see Diego presenting his project “Kratos”, a not so serious Serious Game ;)

The 1. semster had to present their ideas and goals. Andis master topic is… SEX! OMG! Sex in games to be more precise. If you want to follow this project, head over to his blog.

I had to leave early (Sorry!) and head over to the ZHdK Inkubator for a meeting. The entry ceremony for the new “Incubatees” (including me) will take place next week. I’m really looking forward to all the business inputs/lessons and hope they will be a solid foundation for my master thesis.
Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-26 um 00.08.34