The Workshop is OVER! In a dance of joy I left the school building and headed home. Take a look at the boring boring device that came up with in this torturous week. There are still a few things I learned though. More in the psychological than in the design corner but what ever.
Here goes: As a teacher never ever feel you’re something better than your students. Even if you try to act all cool and hide it, we can smell your attitude from 1000 miles away. Don’t treat us like we’re in a happy go lucky state of our lifes and have no idea of what it actually means to work for our money. Also, don’t be unprepared for your lessons. Every minute you’re blabbering nonsense because you don’t know what to do next is a wast of all our time. Avoid blabbering in general please.
The week is over now and I left my feedback so time to move on to more interesting tasks :)

IMG_3347 IMG_3344 IMG_3346

I realized that I missed drawing/painting a lot. Will start doing it more frecently again now :D
Here’s another quick sketch (took about 50 minutes). The topic was “Swan princess”

A painty lunch break & Niche research all night

Workshop. Again. Picture. No ranting.
imgo Kopie

During lunch break some game design students met up for their weekly drawing session with the common topic. The whole thing was Steffis idea and she’s giving us great advice while doodeling. The topic this week was “Fish Rider”. This is what I came up with, my first painting in AGES:


Back home I felt that I need to refresh my knowledge of Population genetics again. We’re currently rethinking some of Niches mechanics and need to be very informed for that. Here‘s a cool video about the topic I found quite informative.