This weekend we went to the NetGame LAN in Thun to exhibit our game Tower Offense.
He heard about the event just a few days before it actually took place, but the organizers were super nice and allowed us to spontaneously put together a “Swiss Games” booth under the name of the SGDA.


Arriving in Thun. The weather is sooo nice, I don’t want to go insiiiide xD

Setting up our booth next to Splash Blast Panic :)

Other Swiss devs teams that were present:
Black Monday
No Rest for the Wicked Ones
Crossbow Warrior – The Legend of William Tell

Walking around in the main hall was quite impressive. So many people! I was also surprised by the games they played which showed a richer variety than I had expected :)
IMG_5809 IMG_5812

In the evening we watched the cosplay contest. One of our fellow game design students (Sodiumcat) won the audience award :D

We ended up staying too long and had to run back to the train station (carrying our heavy monitors). What a day :)