Digital VS Analog

All 6 game design master students had to present the current state of their projects. The teachers weren’t very satiesfied with mine. Mostly the fact that my research is too broad and doesn’t deliver any analysable results hit me right in the weak point. Guess I have to finally decide what I’ll actually be doing during the next year ;)
After lunch, I met up with my childhood friend Jessica to produce buttons for her business Little Bitty Creatures.


I already told you about the ETH final presentations. Head over here if you missed it.


In the morning Andi, Mela, Stefan and me had to help build up the master exhibition for our senpais. We had to even-up the uneven ground with little plastic sticks so that the screens were standing straight. Luckily we made a great team and were done quickly which left me some time to go work at the Capsule Games office.


Working meetup for Niche! I really enjoy working on the game again, together with Beat and Severin :)

In the evening I went to the Gross.Stadt.Jagd event to pick up Markus. There were sooo many people there, staring at a small screen to stay up to date with the games progress.